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  • Thanks Deve, I finally put a multi meter on the condenser just because i hadn't done that yet and it was reading 16 microfarads, which is below spec, so I ran out and bought a condenser. The damn thing fired right up! Wish I had checked that earlier, but I wasn't sure how to determine if the condenser was bad, now I know....

    I had a list of to-do's if it ever fired up again, so I got to work. I had put coolant flush in there beforehand, so I let the thing run, and found that it didn't...
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  • Ok, sounds good, and yeah, I'm looking forward to the seat of the pants change with 12v HEI after running on 6v and points.

    What do you think the static timing light was telling me when I could bump it on or off at TDC and have it not come on after passing through TDC? I did get a new coil and 6v battery a while ago and have it on a 6v battery tender to keep it topped off. I will check the vac advance if I can get it running again for sure. Since the distributor is out, I'll open...
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  • Thanks Deve. I want to do the 12v thing, but I have to go in phases for money and learning curve reasons. The previous owner had an 8v in there, so he was partially committed to an upgrade. I figure that it ran as a 6v before I got it, and wanted to make sure that was sorted out first. You make a good point about the 6v not really being able to power a decent HEI system so I'll probably go pertronix in the interim.

    So I pulled the distributor tonight, and found all the grease cup...
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  • 6V HEI or Pertronix?

    I have a 1954 chevy 235 that wasn't running when I bought it years ago (6volt with generator). Since then I have gotten it to run a few times, but it doesn't start more than starts. By following the static timing article on this site, I think I have narrowed my problem down to the distributor shaft or bushing possibly being worn.

    When at TDC, the test light showed that it was getting juice, so I backed the engine up and the light didn't go off. I wiggled the distributor and it turned...
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