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235 side engine mounts ?

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  • 235 side engine mounts ?

    I have a 1955 235 engine. I believe they were used in cars as well as trucks. Does anyone know if the cars had front engine mounts on the side of the block , or was it below the timing cover like trucks ?

    Why? I want to put an Independent front suspension, w/disc brakes & rack and pinion steering ( it comes as a package deal ) under my 1950 Chev ½ ton P.U. The problem is; the forward cross member interferes with the rack and pinion, and must be cut back and a new motor mount fabricated.

    My engine has, cast into it, a “block” with 2 blind threaded holes, one is 9 inches back from face of the block, the second is 10 ½ inches. The pair are 2 in. below forward freeze plug, and just above an apparent oil gallery cast into the length of the block. ( Left side of engine )

    There is a third blind, tapped hole 2 ½ in. below first pair, and slightly forward of centered between them, and 1 in. above upper surface of flange at bottom of block. ( that the oil pan attaches to ) All three holes are on the same vertical plane. The right side of the engine has the same three holes.

    I am hoping that these were cast into the engine as a provision for mounting in cars. If so, I am confident that I can fabricate motor mounts to utilize these holes, but don't want to make a negligibly returnable, major expenditure on something that won't fit. Right now the truck is down to a bare frame with wheels, and it is definitly the time to do it. Any definitive information would be greatly appreciated. Thank You; CanyonKip

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    That is exactly what they were for Kip. Good luck on your project!
    Deve Krehbiel


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      IFS, disc brakes, and keeping the 235! I love it. So many go to 350/350......Not me! Post pics if you can Kip. Terry