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Disc brake conversion

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  • Disc brake conversion

    Hi Deve, Have you done a tip on disc brake conversion? I like the small booster idea under the floor and a simple system without large expense. Thanks, Terry

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    I have not. There are things that I do for myself that I am not comfortable advising others on! Lots of things! I have not tried my system yet, and it will be awhile. I THINK it went well, but the problem is, I opted for no power assist. I didnt want to cut up the crossmember or move the MC to the firewall. So I am not sure how it will stop yet. When I try it, if I was successful, I will for sure write about it. That is way in the future.
    Deve Krehbiel


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      I won't cut up the cross member or put a MC on the firewall either. Agreed! A dual chamber MC for safety and new lines will work for now. The drums have been stopping my 235 just fine. I keep telling myself I'm not building a restomod, hot rod, etc. Interesting to see other sites mention "Disk Breaks"......LOL. No other source for me than Deve!