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1954 Rear axle oil deflector removal

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  • 1954 Rear axle oil deflector removal

    I am knee deep into the rear differential rebuild and will be using a bearing puller with slide hammer to remove the axle bearings. The banjo axle housing is out of the vehicle, cleaned, painted and just needs the bearing removed and replaced. Will the Oil Deflector come out with the puller and slide hammer or is there another technique I can do to get that pressed in deflector removed? I have considered putting a 1 3/4 pipe through the entire axle with a cap on one end and taking a BFH and pushing the Bearing, seal and deflector out from the inside but not sure that gorilla technique is wise.

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    I use a slide hammer for that. It is not an easy task and I always have new bearings because I am SURE I am going to ruin the old ones. Sometimes I get lucky.
    Deve Krehbiel


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      Thanks Deve, It will prove to be a very profitable weekend.