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Liquid and occasional white smoke from my tailpipe

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  • Liquid and occasional white smoke from my tailpipe

    I just replaced the head gasket on my '54 235ci 6 cylinder. And when I got it running today I noticed liquid coming from the talepipe. It was dark(ish) and did not stop coming out even after the engine had been running for awhile. When the truck was at idol there was no smoke or vapor coming from the tailpipe, but when the engine was "working" i.e. going up a hill, starting from a stop etc I woukd see white smoke come from the tailpipe, sometimes linger a bit, sometimes fade away quickly.

    Before I replaced the head gasket the truck sat for about 15 months without running.

    Is this another blown gasket, cracked block?
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    Hard to say sitting in an easy chair. The Heads on these engines are notorious for cracking. It could easily be a cracked Head. It would be worth the effort to have a machine shop take a look at it. Unless you see any cracks in the block, I wouldn't suspect that first.
    Deve Krehbiel