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Bench bleeding the master cylinder?

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  • Bench bleeding the master cylinder?

    Hi Deve, I am getting ready to install my rebuilt master cylinder. Do I need to bench bleed it before mounting? Also, What brake fluid do I use? I don't know the difference between Dot3, 4, etc. Thanks, Terry

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    I would recommend bench bleeding. You just put a line from the output back into the opening and pump it to get all the air out. DOT 3 is the normal fluid used for years. The down side of regular DOT3 is it melts paint. Its just something you live with. DOT5 is silicone based and does not melt paint. You cannot mix the two. If you go to DOT5, you have to thoroughly clean out your system first. My frame-up resto uses DOT5. But if its a running truck, DOT3 is fine. Thats my take on brake fluid. Much more to the story, but thats my 2 cents!
    Deve Krehbiel


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      DOT3 for me. The original master cylinder rebuild was a fun easy project too for those that are considering a new one. $135ish new vs $17.95 for rebuild kit. Thanks!