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Deve's Products Testimonials/Reviews - Please tell it like it is!

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  • Deve's Products Testimonials/Reviews - Please tell it like it is!

    Every Invoice everyone receives when purchasing something from us has a statement that says;

    Please let us know how you feel about our products, feedback is critical to our success. I am not just whistling Dixie folks.. no news isn't always good news. Being a small business owner most of my adult life, this is a very real and present danger to any endeavor like this. Please leave me some feedback below. I am mostly interested in:

    1) How can I improve your experience?
    2) Was everything packaged to your satisfaction?
    3) How was the install and how can my instructions be improved on?
    4) Would you recommend the product to a friend?

    Letting me know what I can do better "Pays it Forward" to the next person who orders the same product. Thanks you for taking the time!
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    Deve Krehbiel

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    An old friend of mine for years through the old-chevy-trucks Yahoo Groups list, Bill Hanlon ordered my HEI Kit and was kind enough to review it. Anyone who knows Bill, knows he doesn't soft sell anything. Bill is a very honorable guy and everyone who knows him, knows it. The review can be found here:
    Deve Krehbiel


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      BTW, this is also the place to brag about how you did it yourself using the free instructions!
      Deve Krehbiel


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        The spin on oil filter kit is well thought out with everything needed. Deve answered all questions I had about full flow vs. bypass filtration. I got the pcv kit as well and everything arrived in perfect condition. The pre-bent tube is just right and will make for a cleaner look than just a rubber hose. The engine casting information was helpful also since my '52 has a '58 235. No more jumping from site to site HOPING they know the Chevy 235 and AD trucks!
        Terry Cooper
        Reno, Nevada


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          Wanted to write up a testimonial about the Critical Information System I have purchased from Deve. If you can see the photo I have uploaded, you can see the panel mounted under dash, left side of steering column. Painted semi-gloss black, and against black carpet or mat, it almost disappears. This photo was taken during a 3-day car show. Lots of conversations and questions about the truck, not one person said "What's that?". The "system" is housed in a neat little aluminum box that mounts up on the left kick panel, where it is not seen. Important to me because any time I vary from stock for safety purposes (i.e.seatbelts, LED, wheels, etc.) I hope it is not glaring. As for function, this is not a testimony to how it saved my butt from a sudden oil leak or overheat, and hopefully I will not have to write that testimony. But I can testify to how much money I have spent having my engine rebuilt, and to the comfort I get knowing that in addition to my functioning stock gauges, I have redundant sensors to tell me of an impending catastrophic event by receiving a visual light signal and an audible sound. And I appreciate it every time I turn the key to my truck, as it tells me whether my alternator is functioning.
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          Hats off to Deve for making this unglaring upgrade, developing all the circuitry, and making all the wiring as failsafe as possible. I restored my truck to drive and use, I drive it to work and run errands every chance I get. It is my favorite ride, of all I own or have owned, and I appreciate the security I get from this invention. It gets a real thumbs up from me.
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            REAL peace of mind creation. When I convert to 12v it will be a must for me. Deve rebuilt my Rochester and it's never run better! I installed the pcv and spin on filter kits. No better site for the AD truck owner.